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Mar. 2024 - Apr. 2024 Every Sun. 8AM


21st Century Forest Park

Discover crystal clear water and beautiful islands Tour

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Discover crystal clear water and beautiful islands Tour
Discover crystal clear water and beautiful islands Tour

Date & Place 日時・場所

Mar. 2024 - Apr. 2024 Every Sun. 8AM

21st Century Forest Park, 2-2 Miyazato, Nago city, Okinawa 905-0011 JAPAN

About tour イベントについて



Child(14 and under):30,000yen



4-5 Hours


Meet at the 21st century forest park in Nago 9:00 am. (or, we pick you up from your hotel in our van 8:30 am) After your bike fitting and safety instructions, we go to North on Route 58 and you will see the Ou island and Yagaji island. Before we travel up to the bridges of two islands, we stop at convenience store and have break time. Here, you can move to Makiya park just near by and enjoy the beautiful view of Haneji inland sea and mangrove colony. 

As we roll along the bridges and stop at Yagaji beach, you will learn history of this bridge that has Tsunami experience and broken by it. Then, we visit Salt factory and ride past  in Yagaji island and you learn their lives in the past. 

After that, we go ahead to Kouri island. You may sigh cause of the view. We enjoy riding on Kouri bridge and you can watch Sea Turtle if it's lucky day. We stop at Hashizume park and get a rest. You can go to the beach or enjoy riding around the island. If you want to try marine activity, we will arrange.   

At the lunch time, we enjoy Tempura Rice Bowl with Prawns in TAMAYA which you can eat fresh prawn dishes from a fish pond. 

We travel around Haneji inland sea and go back to Nago. At the end, we visit historical Sake brewery, Tsukazan Shuzo. They make Awamori which is Okinawan unique alcoholic beverage made from indica rice. And, they remain old wooden building and still use as their factory that you can see the historical story including World WarⅡ. Of course, you can taste Awamori and buy it if you like. You know you need to ride in our van, not ride your bike after drinking.

Mostly flat terrain, Ride 40km(24.8 miles). (4–5 hours included lunch and break time)  

Customization tour options are available.

*Rent a bike included. Bike type: cross bike (road bike and eBike also available with additional fee)

*You don’t need to worry about your luggage delivery. We will have a support car and you can put it on it.

*On average, we ride  40km with 3-4 hours.

  (10-20km/h). And we will stop and take a break every about 10-15km.

*Tour Staff (Support car 1, Driver 1, Cycling guide 1)

Apply, now! from application form below.

If you have any questions and interests,

please send from Messenger  or email.

email address:

Depending on the situation, the plan might be changed. Thank you for your understanding.  

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